Price list

Here are all our public fares, we have special fares for children in order to lighten the budget of families wanting to discover our activities. In addition, the discounts are automatic: if you are a group between 5 and 9 people, you have 5% then if you are 10 or more, you have 10%.

When you do an activity with us, you will of course benefit from a discount on the 2nd purchase.

Payment in cash or by bank checks and holiday cheques.

For the communities (holiday colonies, CLSH, etc.), Contact us so that we can construct together the trip that corresponds to your project.

For corporate committees or business seminars, we are able to organize a large number of customized activities and coordinate the whole of your stay. Contact us for a personalized study of your project.

Canyoning Serre Chevalier Rates

Trip Duration Difficulty Fare

Discovery (8 years minimum)
Fournel 1⁄2 day V2 A3 II 40€
Ascension 1⁄2 day V3 A2 II 48€

Sport (12 years minimum)
The Acles 1⁄2 day V3 A3 II 50€
Upper Tramouillon 1⁄2 day V3 A3 II 50€
Eychauda 1⁄2 day V4 A4 II 50€

Adrenaline (14 years minimum)
Caprie (with transportation & italian restaurant) Full day V3 A3 III 95€
Orido di Foresto (with picnic) Full day V3 A3 III 88€
Oules de Freissinières (Upper part) 3⁄4 day V3 A6 IV 75€

Adventure (Adults only)
Oules de Fressinières Full day V5 A6 IV 120€
Chichin integral Full day V5 A6 IV 120€
The Ga Full day V5 A6 IV 120€

Rafting Serre Chevalier Rates

Trip Duration Difficulty Fare

Discovery (6 years minimum)
Upper Guisane 1⁄2 day Class 2/3 40€
The Durance Full day Class 2/3 85€

Sport (16 years minimum)
Lower Guisane 1⁄2 day Class 3/4 50€
Integral Guisane Full day Class 3/4 80€

Adrenaline (Adults only)
Integral Guil Full day Class 4/5 90€

Adventure (Adults only)
Integral Ubaye (june) Full day Class 4/5 120€

Canyon River Trips

Time of the year Activities Fare from… Duration

Hautes Alpes Trips
Serre Che Natur-Eau May/June/July/August Canyoning & Rafting 140€ 2 days
Italia Francia Canyonnita June/July/August/September Canyoning 160€ 2/3 days
Briançon Rivers Trip May/June/early July Rafting 190€ 2/3 days
Hautes Alpes in the Mix May/June/early July Canyoning & Rafting 190€ 3 days
Crossing the Hautes Alpes on the rivers May/June/July Rafting 390€ 4/5 days
Hautes Alpes Outdoor Mix June/15 July and 15 August/1st September Canyoning, Rafting, Rock Climbing, Trekking, Wakeboard 490€ 5 days

Trip Alpes Maritimes
Funny canyons of the southern Alps May/June/September/October Canyoning 160€ 2/5 days

Trip Verdon
Les Gorges du Verdon et ses Canyons May/June Canyon 160€ 2/3 days

Trip Ardèche
Canyoning in Cévennes Ardéchoise May/June/September/October Canyoning 180€ 2/3 days

Corsica Trips
Corsica tour in Canyon May/June/September Canyoning 490€ 5 days
« Corsica, its treasures, its secrets » May/June/September Canyoning (1 or 2 days sea kayaking) 610€ 7 days

Cross the Alps Trip
Crossing the Alps in Rafting May/June Rafting 590€ 6/7 days

Val Ossola Italia Trip
Italia d’Ossola Canyonnita End August/ September Canyoning 390€ 3/5 days

Eldorado Tecino September Canyoning 550€ 5 days